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Avon Tyres

Are you looking for high-quality tyres at affordable rates?

If so, you have arrived at the ideal location. For all automobile makes and models, Springfield Tyres offers an excellent selection of reasonably priced Avon Tyres Newcastle Under Lyme that will increase your safety while delivering an unmatched driving experience, all at budget-friendly rates.

On our website, you can find your ideal Avon tyres by navigating to the tyre-finding tool. To see our catalogue or place an order online, just enter your car's registration number or the tyres' dimensions.

Why Choose Avon Tyres?

The 1904-established UK-based company Avon is known for producing excellent tyres at a reasonable price range. This brand blends design, knowledge, and technology to give unmatched performance and guarantee your road excursions are secure and comfortable.

Our Collection of Avon Tyres Newcastle Under Lyme:

Avon ZV7

The Avon ZV7 is a high-performance vehicle tyre that successfully blends performance and safety. Its effective wet grip aids in reducing aquaplaning risk, and its noise-damping design lessens tyre-road contact noise.

Avon ZX7

This tyre, designed for SUVs and CUVs, has an asymmetric tread pattern that offers outstanding performance in both dry and wet weather conditions. It also incorporates cutting-edge polymer technology. The Avon ZX7 tyres earn an exceptional 'A' grade for better wet grip in accordance with the most recent EU tyre labelling regulations.

That said, you can get all other variants of Avon tyres from us, including:

  • Summer tyres (AVON ZT7, Avon AV12, and more)
  • Winter tyres (AVON WV7 SNOW, and more)
  • Run-flat tyres (Avon ZZ3, and more)

With us, you no longer need to look for "Avon tyres near me". Just come to our garage at Springfield Tyres Clayton Lane Stoke on Trent ST4 6PQ.

We are always happy to help.

All tyres by Avon Tyres
Price from £179.94
Avon AS7
Price from £79.98
Avon AS7ON
Price from £100.95
Avon AV12
Price from £101.70
Avon AX7
Price from £135.54
Avon WT7 Snow
Price from £80.34
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